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Mini- You / Full Body / Full Colour

Our Mini-You sculptures are of the best possible quality. The greatest care is taken in all the stages of production from the initial scan through to the final 3D colour print. You and your family will be delighted with this most modern of portraits.


Step 1


The session takes less than 20min. Our photo scanning booth captures your likeness with amazing accuracy and detail

Step 1


And our 3D design gurus will create your Mini-You Bust

Step 2


We will print your sculpture on a 3D printer using advanced, full-colour print technology

Step 3


Your figurine will be ready within 14 working days and you can collect it from our store in Wells Street or have it delivered.


Daily-Mail-logodailymailweb Introducing the chocolate selfie: It’s the year’s quirkiest Mother’s Day gift – a 3D model of yourself that’s good enough to eat. www.dailymail.co.uk

Travelling alone means you end up with lots of beautiful shots of scenery and places, but no pictures of yourself. Unless you particularly like the ‘selfie’. Instead I opted for creating my very own mini-you with iMakr, which I have taken everywhere with me. Each day I will compose a shot with my mini-Rachel wherever I am and upload it to my website WhereIsRachelToday.com. It’s a great way of making sure I’m in all the pictures, while also recording my journey.
Mini-Rachel creates lots of attention when I take her out – it’s a great way to start a conversation with the locals. They all want their picture taken with her.
Rachel Le Feuvre

This was awesome! Great service!

Can’t wait to see it! Eficient, friendly, exciting!!! Stephane Maupin

Looks awesome! Thank you and the rest of your team for the stunning work!
You’ll hear from us again 🙂
Jorge De Castro

Evening-Standard-Logo34SusieButter1803AWhat’s the ultimate selfie? Getting your head 3D printed in chocolate… It’s the ultimate way to give someone a piece of your mind. Susannah Butter gets her head 3D printed in chocolate.

Can’t wait to see the finished piece! Best birthday present.
P.S. Make it scary!


3D printing is a pretty amazing invention and Clerkenwell-based 3D specialists iMakr are leading the way by creating impressive ‘Mini You‘ bust or full body models in sandstone.

Time Out London

Nice nice experience! Mini factory is a cozy place and I’m looking forward to seeing my mini-me! Cristiana Buzzelli

I am clearly recognisable and think everyone has done a great job Sam Rimmer

I have received the mini me.  Many thanks for delivering such a quality product.  It has received many comments thus far and I have passed along your info. Conor O'donnell

londonistIMAGE-5 iMakr’s mini-you service is just the tip of the iceberg for what’s possible. iMakr on Clerkenwell Road has just celebrated its first birthday, and prides itself on catering to all comers, from 3D printing pros to interested newbies. It’s done a roaring trade in 3D miniatures, estimating that they’ve scanned and printed over a thousand people to date. www.Londonist.com

Good service-magnificient. 48 cameras!! good coffee, had fun doing this! must try. I can’t wait to see the result next week! #excited!! Barbara Pels



Making the 3D model of Tim Dowling, the model husband

Tim Dowling has written the ultimate guide to being a perfect husband. So what happened when we decided to turn him into a real model? He explains how he met his mini-me with the help of 3D printers iMakr.
The Guardian

Great! Looking forward to see the result! K.Shinne

Nonnonwenon – a 3D printed me! thanks guys #runlikeelle Elle Hankinson


Fin Gray 

January 2019

Pedro is a dedicated fastidious professional who settles for nothing but the best with regard to his clients. He understands completely that he’s handling people’s memories and he takes this seriously. It’s refreshing to see such professionalism and dedication in small business in the 21st century.
As long as Pedro remains in charge of the team at Mini-you I have no hesitation in recommending this business unequivocally. You are in good hands with Pedro at the helm.

Leonard O’Finchley 

March 2019

The statuette that we ordered was much better than we could have hoped for. It was truly a mini me of the person for whom we bought it.

Blake O’Donnell 

January 2019

Great service! They make your ideas and concepts a reality. Can’t recommend highly enough.

Hamusa Sesay 

March 2019

iMakr were great from start to finish, they are a very professional and friendly company. Pedro in particular was a delight to work with, he talked me through all of the steps in the 3D printing process and ensured that I was kept updated every step of the way.

Jeremy Hunt 

January 2019

Needed a body scan to be made for a 3D project I was working on. Scan process went smoothly and was sent a very good quality result. Pedro cleaned up and prepared the file very professionally and when downloaded I was able to utilise it straight into my digital workflow. Would recommend.

Jeremy Hunt Design, London.

Pierre Micottis 

January 2019

Pedro did a fantastic job all along and sent us lots of pictures during the design process to ensure we were happy with the shape, texture and colours. The 3D sculpture really looks like our late Mischa…

Sandra Sollitt 

January 2019

Excellent customer service and attention to detail. Pedro worked with us tirelessly to get the 3D model just right. We visited store to work directly with him and also worked over video conference calls to finalise details. Pedro has an excellent eye for anatomy and detail, we can’t thank you enough. Very highly recommended


January 2019

These guys have 3D scanned many people for us on various projects and they have always done a great job. Highly recommended!

Laura Winters 

February 2019