Artists and designers are welcome to discuss their special requirements for scanning, design and 3D printing. We have worked with many sculptors, set designers, costume designers, jewelers, and window display designers to help them realise their projects. We are capable of complex printing and finishing techniques. Call or email us to discuss your plan, no matter how unusual.

Selected artists and designers with whom we have been privileged to work:

  • Daniel Lismore
  • Bettina John
  • Natanya Barrett
  • Laurentino Azevedo
  • Gillian Wearing
  • Fatma Alshebani


 Contact us to discuss:

  • High-quality scanning
  • Scanning people and objects
  • 3D design and editing
  • 3D printing, large and small
  • Post-production and finishing
  • Mould-making
  • Casting
  • Printing in special materials
  • We can print metal and clay

Natanya Barrett is forging a new sculptural method at City & Guilds London Art School with her translation of 3d prints into bronze. First, she captures her pose with a life model on our 3d scanner, then we help her cut through the model using computer software and when she is happy with the design we print her object at a specific height. The most recent edition was printed at 100cm tall. The print is primed and hand finished before being cast in bronze at the school foundry. Some are patinated and others are polished to get the required final finish. Natanya is a great example of an artist who is enthusiastically combining new technologies with traditional sculptural techniques.